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Elizabeth Oakes is a Los Angeles-based voice-over artist and SAG-AFTRA/AEA actor-member since 1982. With decades of theatrical and public speaking experience backed by extensive acting, improv, and vocal training, she provides voice-over and voice acting services for commercial, corporate, e-learning, meditation, animation, and live theatrical presentations.

Equally at home with comic or dramatic styles, her versatile, chocolately sound coupled with smart, impactful reads make her a strong choice for solo or group voice projects. She is available for home recording (specs on request) or in studio.

She enjoys learning and gives back to the community as a volunteer literacy tutor for Los Angeles Public Library and as a Deputy Commissioner of Civil Marriage for Los Angeles County. She has received the Lessac Institute Award for excellence in vocal studies and an L.A. County Volunteer of the Year award. She enjoys butterfly gardening, bike rides at the beach, cake, and those YouTube videos where portly kitties tuck themselves tightly into cardboard boxes. She can’t get enough of those.

Elizabeth Oakes is an AEA and SAG-AFTRA voice actress, writer, and performer based in Los Angeles, California. Her work is informed by decades of stage, studio, and improv performance as well as extensive training in commercial voiceover and Lessac Kinesensics®. Her voiceover clients include Bosch, Dacor, Isuzu America, Targus, Infiniti, Sony, and many more. She can do pretty much anything you ask her to, if you ask nicely and the pay is right.

Please email shetalkspretty@gmail.com if you would like a quote for your voice-over project or have questions about cats in containers. Or voice acting.


  • Love your chocolatey sound! — Nancy Cartwright
  • You were born to do this! — Bill Ratner
  • #brilliant — Bob Bergen


Let's Talk!

Elizabeth Oakes is a SAG-AFTRA voiceover artist based in Los Angeles, CA, available for local studio recording sessions or virtual recording worldwide. I also have recording and streaming capacity at home for small, medium turnaround projects and directed sessions.

Please email your proposal, budget, and project specs to shetalkspretty@gmail.com or call 310.288.6658 for a bid and our terms and conditions for booking.

Recording/Streaming Capacity

I have recording and streaming capability at home for small, medium turnaround projects and live directed sessions. For projects that require top-tier audio resolution, I prefer to record in a professional studio to assure best quality. Studio time is affordable and easy to book, and reduces production and turnaround time.

I Want Beautiful Audio!
How Do I Book A Studio Space?

For awesome professional studios near my location, check out Sound Box Studio Group. They’re my favorites, run by experienced, efficient audio engineers, compliant with SAG-AFTRA regulation COVID-safety requirements. They offer top-shelf equipment, professional excellence, and industry expertise at reasonable prices. Tell Tim Friedlander I sent you!

Union or Non-Union?

I’m a union artist, but even if your project is non-union it’s still possible for us to work together—above board even! Some categories of voicework are not covered by union contracts, so union status is irrelevant. For voice-over categories that are covered by SAG-AFTRA, you can use paymaster services to help your talent keep their union benefits.

Paymaster services have been around for decades, designed to bridge the gap between non-union and union projects. Producers and union artists love them, and so does SAG-AFTRA! You won’t have to go through the hassle of obtaining a union contract and there will be no additional cost to you.

And it’s easy—payments can be set up with just a couple emails.

Paymasters are a convenient way to pay your talent. They issue payments, calculate deductions, track residuals, and issue tax reports on your behalf. This means less hassle and more free time for you!

Paymasters also keep us union artists solvent and insured. If you’re curious about paymaster services and how they work, we’d love to discuss the possibility with you.

What is a paymaster and how do they work?

A paymaster is a third-party payment company that is contracted with SAG-AFTRA (aka being a signatory). That means your project doesn’t have to have a union contract or deal with the union at all—the paymaster does it for you. And it’s completely legit! SAG-AFTRA welcomes paymaster processing, because it helps talent pay their taxes and qualify for union benefits.

Here’s how it works: once we have agreed to work together, your chosen paymaster will contact you via email with their client agreement and the session contract. You sign the agreement and provide your business information, and the paymaster will invoice you for the session. You pay my fee to the paymaster, then the paymaster pays me! They handle all required deductions, taxes, and tax reporting. Easy for you, helpful for me!

It’s also an opportunity to do a major solid for your voice talent, so please consider it.

Apropos of nothing, I get weird urges to send homemade cookies to people who use paymasters because it’s just so hawt, in that union-benefits-obtaining sort of way.

When a paymaster is a SAG-AFTRA signatory, they process payments for union talent, deducting the appropriate amounts for taxes and union benefits, and cut the check to the talent.

Let’s do it! Where do I find a Paymaster?

David at DSG Production Services is one of the industry’s most trusted paymasters. Whether you are union or non-signatory, DSG will handle conversion, payroll, and residuals, saving you the fuss and bother. Onboarding is easy, too.

Our studio friends at SoundboxLA Studios also offer paymaster services if you like one-stop shopping for audio and finance.

Falcon Paymasters are also a popular choice.

Pretty Good Stuff

She not only talks pretty, but she drives pretty too (at least as pretty as L.A. traffic allows). If you see the VO★Mobile on the road, give us a wave and the "V for Voiceover" sign (but don't honk in case someone is trying to record nearby). :)

License Plate: VO*RTST


This is a pretty goofy parody I recorded as the soundtrack for one of our neighborhood Halloween extravaganzas. Due to popular demand, SpiderCow! returned a couple years later, once again defeating The Curdler to keep the dairy supply safe for you and me (whew).

Side note: I can sing more tunefully than this, but Mrs. Betty Farmer has her own inimitable pitchy style. Enjoy!